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At Kufuzu School Accounting, there are different types of courses and training options (modes of delivery) for you to choose from. Depending on which course you study, you may be able to study via distance learning, or via blended online learning.

Distance learning
How does it work?

With distance learning, you can study in your own time from home, instead of attending classes. While you will have more flexibility than if you were studying a campus-based course, you will still receive guidance in terms of when to submit assignments, when to do revision, and when to prepare for exams. You will also receive a study timetable to assist you with planning your studies. When a student enrols for distance education, they are not necessarily required to spend any amount of time at a specific location (in some instances, this may depend on the discipline field). They also have the advantage of being independent and in control of their time. This is a very suitable option (delivery mode) for working people or for people with special commitments.

You will have access to:
• Learning guides interactive quizzes, and self-assessment tests
• Lecture notes
• Class recordings for certain modules
• Video kits for certain modules
• Assignment feedback
• Study plans
• Learning checks and practice assessments
• Tutor dashboard – which enables your tutor to see where you are in your course and how well you are progressing  

What about academic support? 

You will have access to an online platform, where you can communicate with your tutors and fellow students. You will form part of a student community and will never have to feel that you are studying on your own. We regard every element of the learning experience as important in contributing to student success. These elements include administration and support, course development (including study guides and other resources), assessment and learning support. Effective course development is crucial in opening up the learning experience to the student. Students who experience study and personal problems are also assisted through student counselling. If students need help with a specific academic problem, they can request assistance from their tutor. For continuous administration, interaction and support, students can access the fully functional online environments.

What are the advantages of studying via distance learning?
• You have the flexibility to study in your own time and at your own pace.
• You have the freedom to determine your own daily schedule.
• You can contact your tutors for academic assistance.
• You can enrol whenever you want to, as there are no fixed start dates.
• You can take the exams as soon as you are ready, as there are no set exam dates 

Blended Online Learning
Blended online learning courses are available to students who form part of group registrations.
How does it work?

These courses are presented through a blended online learning. Our online offerings are specifically suitable to working people and those who cannot commit to study on distance learning. Our online l learning environment allows you to access your course from any geographic location using your computer, tablet or even your smartphone. Access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the course is led by a subject matter expert in the field, who will engage, support and guide students throughout the course.
Course objectives are structured into manageable, weekly timetables so that you can easily plan to complete the required coursework at times during the week when it suits you. Although you study in your own time, you are expected to meet weekly minimum requirements, such as participating in online discussions, submitting assignments and working through the course content for a particular week.

When you study via this method, you will also have access to:
• An online learning platform, where you can access study materials, assignment feedback, and tutor support
• Study guides for key focus areas
• Formative assessments after key focus areas 


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